The Origin

The site was born from a blog launched in September 2007 following the announcement of the iPhone by Steve Jobs.

He quickly federated a French-speaking community that was active both in sending information and comments and then on the forum of the site launched a few months later. In 2011, the site is being structured and professionalized, recruiting permanent editors and becoming a real media.

It covers iPhone, iPad, iOS news topics but also accessories, connected objects, Apple and competition news as well as operators’ news and international news in the field of hi-tech.

The editorial staff

The site gathers the daily publications made by a team of several editors, you will find their nickname under the title of each post.

To reach the entire editorial staff, no direct mail, but a shared address so that everyone has access to the information, please use our contact form.

How to apply?

Do you want to join a dynamic, motivated and rigorous editorial team? Do you have a passion for writing but also the ability to understand often technical subjects and an excellent command of English? We are always open to spontaneous talents and applications!

A technical problem, information to share, a press release to distribute or any other subject? You can contact the editorial staff directly via the email addresses indicated on this page!

See you soon!