How to clear the memory and cache of an iPhone?

Learn how to delete caches and data accumulated on your iPhone and iPad.

iPhone in slow motion? Not enough space to save photos? It’s time to do some cleaning! Your devices will save storage space and performance! Our tutorial is aimed at all models, even the oldest ones.

Empty the Safari cache

Let’s start with the cache, this memory system that allows you to display recently visited web pages more quickly. Note that during this process, you will automatically be disconnected from the web pages.

Open the Settings option and scroll down to the 6th option group (just below “Compass”). Select Safari.

Scroll down and select Clear History, Site Data.

Under Delete Cookies and Data, select Delete.

Delete data

Data backed up by other applications can also be deleted. Everything happens in the Use option.

Select Settings → General → Storage and use of iCloud.

Then select: Manage storage.

Among the proposed applications, select those that occupy the most storage space. Beyond 500 MB, consider removing the app and reinstalling it.

Select Delete. Once this is done, go to the App Store to reinstall it. And there you go, find your application as new!

iMyFone Umate

iphone-data-eraser-iconIn the same style as PhoneClean, there is iMyFone Umate, another straightforward and free solution to use with iOS or Windows!

Here are the three steps to follow:

Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

Open iMyFone Umate and click on Quick Scanning, under the Home tab.

Under Unwanted Files and Temporary Files, click on Clean/Erase.


iMobie has developed an application, PhoneClean, entirely dedicated to cleaning your iOS devices. The app has paid features, but you still have its free trial version available.

PhoneClean macPhoneClean, instructions for use:

Connect your iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable

Open PhoneClean and select Quick Clean (temporary files) or Deep Clean (current usage data), then click Scan.

When the scan is finished, click on Clean
Some of PhoneClean’s advanced features, such as Photo Caches, which as its name suggests will remove photo caches, are not free.

Don’t be afraid to delete more space consuming files, such as videos.

For more options, there is a paid version of iMyFone Umate.

Recover storage space
Generally, iOS takes care of freeing up space itself, by deleting cached data that wanders through the system. However, we believe that turning on an iPhone from time to time also frees up memory and allows you to enjoy your favorite applications fully.

Press and hold the Power/Standby button (at the top or top right of your device) until the Shutdown option is displayed.

Select Switch off.

When your device is completely turned off, press the On/Standby button again to turn it back on.
We recommend that you use this method quite regularly for two reasons. The first is a perfect solution when you don’t know what to delete; the second is very suitable for older iPhone or iPad models.

If you are more of a Mac user, we recommend you read this post in order to discover cleanmymac x!