Phone Technology Innovations in 2019

2018 was a year full of top-level phones from the likes of the iPhone XS and the outstanding Samsung Galaxy S9. 2019 has promised a lot but what’s sure, is the top brands have to continue releasing good quality phones. This article contains some of the best phone technology you would find in 2019.

– 5G Phones

5G is finally here whether or not in your location you have problems accessing the 4G or LTE speeds. 5G is in the development stage, and it doesn’t matter whether you get to use the network after a year, so long as there’s a sticker written 5G on your smartphones box, you are set for the future.

Big manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Huawei and many others have already promised to release their new phones with this technology. 5G improves the uploading and downloading speeds and also maintaining connection wherever you are.

– Fold-able Phones

Although they’ll be quite expensive, fold-able phones will be there. Samsung has already shown a prototype of this kind of phone. Huawei CEO also promised that his company would be releasing a fold-able telephone in 2019. The main benefit of this technology is the large screen giving you the experience of a tablet and still can be folded and carried in the pocket when need be.

– Additional Camera Lenses

Ideas on new smartphone specifications have reduced, but many manufacturers believe that camera lenses are where they could put the focus on. At first, there were the dual-lens cameras that were followed by triple-lens cameras and later quad-lens cameras. In 2019, we could see more. Although no company has publicly declared of this, LG has been seen on several occasions working on a patent phone that has a hexa-lens camera(16 lenses). Other manufacturers might borrow this idea and use it to build extra lenses on their phones’ cameras.

The smartphone camera technology lacks real depth, and these additional lenses provide features like background smoothing, anti-shake measures, optical zoom, and improved HDR production by using data from several lenses instead of one. Google, however, prefers to make use of the image-processing advanced software for its Pixel phones.

– Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, AI was already playing a significant part in phone technology while In 2019, premium handsets will do more without needing your help. Most phone processor chips that are of high quality have AI components. It means that they can handle functions indicated for machine learning like the ability to recognize an individual animal in a photo or identifying a particular voice. Also, your phone doesn’t require to upload the recognition functions to the cloud. Therefore, results are achieved faster, and the response is immediate.

The software will also be highly improved since Siri, Bixby and other google assistants will continue to be smart. It will be no surprise that many great innovations will be on the software side more than the hardware side in 2019.

These are but a few examples of the many phone technology ideas you can watch out in 2019. Innovations in smartphone technology will undoubtedly continue in 2019.